Paving and Pavers

Paving and Pavers

Paving and Pavers Canberra is a locally owned paving business operating for the last decade.

Our clients are local, national and international with property interests in Canberra.  For transparency we will take photo’s through out the installation and upload them onto Pinterest. Paving and Pavers are able to undertake work in all or one of these below areas by the JPB Group.

Paving and Pavers Canberra

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 Paving and Pavers- Quote and Consolation

      •               Free Quote – If you can provide us via email, measurements of your area, an idea of materials and photos if applicable we can provide you a ballpark figure via email. If this figure is within your budget we will come out and give you a firm quote within a few days and commence within 4 weeks.
      •               Quote/Consultation – If you need a site visit initially to discuss ideas and need more of a consultation as you don’t really know what you want, this comes at a $128 charge that is deducted from your final invoice for works completed.

Paving and Pavers – Installation

      •               Excavation 150mm to 250mm deep
      •               Base layer concrete or compacted road base
      •               Beddings sand or mortar
      •               Paver
      •               Gap sand (silicon based sand) swept into joints or grouted.

Paving and Pavers – Pavers

      •               Domestic, Commercial or Industrial paver
      •               Permeable Pavers, Concrete Pavers, Clay Pavers
      •               Recycled Pavers, Stone Pavers, Cobblestones

Paving and Pavers – Paving

      •               Segmental Paving – Road base and bedding sand layers
      •               Rigid Paving – Concrete base and/or mortar layer

Paving and Pavers – Paving Repair

      •               Loose, Uneven or cracked paving requires re-bedding
      •               It is important to rectify the cause of the problem for the repair work
      •               Incorrect compaction during base preparation
      •              Load greater than the pavement was designed to carry
      •              No or poor drainage allowing water to ingress bedding layers


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