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Paving Repair from Paving and Pavers Canberra. We are a local business, servicing the ACT in all areas of Paving Repair. Our clients are local, national and international with property interests in Canberra. Paving in disrepair can cause you no end of headaches, especially if you require open and flat access to your door, or maybe you just have a tripping hazard for visitors. No matter what state your paved path, paved driveway or common area is in, we can repair your paving with little fuss or disruption to your outdoor lifestyle. Loose, Uneven or cracked paving requires re-bedding, however it is more important to rectify the cause.


Paver Defects

Intervention Level

Repair Method

Pavers damage

Loose, broken or missing pavers

Replace or re-bed

Pavers damage

Individual paver level change greater than 15 mm

Replace or re-bed

Pavers damage

Pavers sinking causing significant pooling of water

Re-Level, replace or re-bed

Pavers damage

Slippery pavers – oils and  moss on paver surface

Pressure wash, replace or re-bed

Pavers damage

Pooling of water

Channel drain or Pit box

Pavers damage

Tree roots

Cut roots and replace segment

Reasons for Paving repair

  • Incorrect compaction during base preparation.
  • No drainage or poor drainage allowing water to ingress bedding layers
  • Edging has failed
  • Loads greater than the pavement was designed to carry.
  • Tree roots
  • Loose, broken or missing pavers
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