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Paving Canberra

Paving Canberra is a local business servicing the ACT in all areas of supply and installation of pavers or installation only. Our clients are local, national and international with property interests in Canberra. Our Prices are visible on our website. Pay easily online with pay pal.

Segmental Paving is laid on road base and sand, the most commonly used paving method. Designed to be flexible with the ground movement and can be removed and replaced to gain access to underground services. Concrete Pavers, Clay Pavers, Recycled Pavers, Stone Pavers. Pathways, Driveways, Swimming pool surrounds and Entertainment areas are some examples where you would use Segmental Paving.

Rigid Paving is designed to be rigid with no movement and grouted joints. A permanent fixture laid on a concrete base that can be removed but not reused. Concrete Pavers, Clay Pavers, Recycled Pavers, Stone Pavers and Cobblestone Driveways, Pool Coping, Entertaining areas, Commercial public space and heavy vehicle areas are some examples where Rigid Paving would be used.

Paving Canberra

Permeable Paved Driveway

Paving types and design

  • Segmental Paving for pedestrian walk ways and vehicle driveways.
  • Rigid Paving  for  pedestrian walk ways and vehicle driveways.
  • Permeable paving for Vehicle driveway and pedestrian walkways.
  • Swimming pool paving and swimming pool coping pavers.
  • Concrete Pavers, Clay Pavers, Recycled Pavers, Stone Pavers.
  • Excavation, Base preparation, Supply and installation of pavers, Installation only for pavers, Maintenance of paving areas and paving repair works.

 Publishing their work on Pinterest, was the reason we chose Paving & Pavers for our paving.

 Segmental Paving

  • Pathway paving, Driveway paving and a patio area.
  • Excavation of 150mm for Pedestrian paving areas to excavation of 200mm deep for a vehicle driveway.
  • Base for paving. Compacted road base 75mm for a Pedestrian area and 125mm for Vehicular area.
  • 20-30mm of bedding sand and paver laid on top.
  • The sides of your paving area has a mortared concrete edge as haunching.
  • Gap Sand (silicon base sand that expanse to lock in pavers) swept over paving.

 Rigid Paving

  • Swimming pool paving, cobblestone driveway and formal paving areas.
  • Excavation 150mm for Pedestrian areas to 200mm of excavation for vehicle driveways.
  • Base – Concrete 75mm for Pedestrian Walk Ways and 125mm for Vehicle Driveway.
  • Pavers adhere onto a 50mm mortar bed or glued directly to concrete.
  • 3mm to 5mm grouted joints between the pavers.


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